Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday I went to have some tests done by Dr. Falsetti. Because I am vegetarian and train a lot, we're a little worried my iron might be low. So blood was drawn (sorry, no pics of this), I was asked a lot of questions, and then it was time to do some work.

I got hooked up with what felt like a million little electrodes and hopped on the QR. Cedric - still strapped to my stem - was prepared for some discomfort of a massive sweat-fest with no wind to dry him off. In order to get V02max, anaerobic threshold, etc. tested I needed to ride my bike as the intensity was gradually increased and basically keep going until my legs failed.

Oh, and to make it all the more fun, they pinched my nose closed and stuck a snorkel-type tube in my mouth to breathe through. This allows them to measure the oxygen exchange when I'm going hard. 

Up until yesterday the highest heartrate I had ever seen on the bike was 170 and that was in a race. Coach Dirkinator was pretty happy to hear I got my little heart to 185. I think this just means I can't complain about being unable to get my heartrate up anymore.

Oh - and for those of you interested in the Rudy Project photos - they are going to be used internationally, so we will probably never get to see them here in the states. If you live in Europe and ever see one let me know!