Sunday, April 4, 2010


The weekend started off with a great ride with the boys. I didn't feel great at the beginning of the ride, but figured racing can do that.

These llamas made me laugh. I wasn't very quick on the photo-op.

After being promptly dropped by the boys, this elderly gentleman on an awesome old turquoise bike pulled me back to my friends.

I hung on as long as I could. And then nothing I tried seemed to help me grab a wheel. I made it home. Barely. And figured lunch would help me feel better. Or a nap? I woke up an hour later all achy with a fever. Well, that explains the inability to grab a wheel. The fun weekend training plans got sidelined and I've traded them for the couch and some movies. It never seems like a good time to get sick, but I suppose it's better now than last week or four weeks from now!