Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun in the Sun

This is my back after Kona last October. Those are blisters. From the sun. Painful. Not good for my skin, or my risk of cancer. I applied sunscreen the night before I went to bed, again on race morning and during the race. Guess it washed right off.

My mom had a malignant melanoma when I was little, so I'm very aware of sun safety. I'm the one who takes a little bottle of sunscreen on our long rides and re-applies it mid-way.

A few months ago I found SCAPE. SPF50+ and it does not wash off. I get out of the pool and I can still see it on my arms, blocking out those little evil cancer-causing rays.

SCAPE was designed by Dr. Nic Martens. He has a PhD in biochemistry and loves to surf, snowboard and just be outdoors. Hence the sunscreen career path. He worked for Neutrogena for years and then decided it was time to create products specifically for endurance athletes, including sun care, wound care and muscle care. We are lucky to be able to spend so much time outdoors. Remember to take care of your skin while you're out there. I think when we're all 80+ we'll be glad we did!