Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hydrate Clean!

I'm pretty good at leaving my bike bottles laying around and ending up with mold in the bottom of them. I found a couple solutions and thought I would share.

The clean bottle unscrews on the top and the bottom - easy to clean both sides. Pretty simple and smart.

Smash sports bottles have a biodegradable liner in them. Use it once or a few times, then throw it away and start fresh. This liner also keeps the water from sloshing around, so if you like to run with your bottle - even better. Clean and earth friendly!

I'm off on a road trip up to Wildflower today with Steven and my Dad. Whoooo hooooo fun camping and racing weekend! Hopefully I can get my wetsuit off after the swim better than I did last year. If not, well, I'm sure Steven will be there with a camera to capture the moment so we can all laugh at it.