Monday, March 1, 2010

Make it Count

The weekend's storms cleared the path for perfect riding conditions yesterday. The ride was not fast paced, but my legs felt like they were working at the rate of a hard ride. My run off the bike felt far from spectacular.

The signs went up this weekend in Oceanside for CA70.3 road closures. A solid reminder that my completely talent-stacked pro debut race is less than a month away. Exciting and somewhat terrifying.

I'm trying to make each workout count. Yesterday when I was grumpy on my run I told myself that there will be races where my legs will feel like this. And my grumpiness is not going to make them feel better. But trying to focus on my form might.

This weekend I will race Desert International Triathlon, a really fun race with a lot of friends. In 26 days I will jump into the icy Oceanside Harbor with a lot of super fast girls. Oh my!