Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tempo Commute

My run to work today had a tempo section in the middle. My goal was not to get stuck at any stoplights. Amazingly I accomplished this by changing my route only twice.

This is the tiny lake I pass while I'm still warming up. This also confirms that the iPhone takes horrible pictures in low light. Seriously - there is a lake in the picture.

These comfy little things got me to work fast today. No seams to rub, nice and cushioned for lots of miles. Zoot shoes make my running easier.

I wound past Peets (didn't even stop!) and through several neighborhoods. Past too many cars flying off to work. I ran past a dewy-grass park and a large garbage truck backing up beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep. I ran past a lady driving her car holding a fancy mug of coffee with three rowdy kids in the back. There was an old man standing at the bus stop who said mornin, and as I passed the vet there were two ladies walking some patients - a shepherd and a poodle. And before I knew it my flying tempo was done. I slowed, cooled down and found myself at work. It was a pretty great way to kick of a day of Microscope selling.