Monday, December 14, 2009

Why I Like to Commute by Bike

  1. The bike lane is always wide open. I also enjoy saying (in my head!) HAHA Suckers! as I fly past the long line of cars stuck in traffic.
  2. Hot coffee tastes better after a cold bike commute.
  3. Wave at a fellow cyclist at 7am and they will wave back. They might even say "Nice morning!" Wave at a fellow car commuter and they will think you are crazy.
  4. Jumping in the pool at 6am when it is 40 degrees on deck feels like a hot tub if I've just biked up a big hill. It feels like the arctic if I just got out of a warm car.
  5. I might get the chance to race on the way to work!
  6. The trees, grass, flowers, clouds all look better from my bike than my car. Probably because I am forced to slow down and notice them more.
  7. I can almost do a track stand at a light on my bike.
  8. I also sometimes almost fall over - most likely providing a lot of laughs for car commuters!
  9. I do not have to go to the gas station as often.
  10. I get to ride my bike more.