Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1 Foot Box of Water

My swim stroke is amazing. Awesome is how most would describe it. For about 50 meters. Or until I get tired. Then it turns into a massive flailing I-just-might-drowned mess. I think it has to be entertaining for coach to watch me swimming along, keeping up with everyone in my lane, just waiting for that final set when the fun begins.

The final set is when lately, I inevitably explode. Combustion style - it's no small drop off the back of the lane. It's a complete and utter melt down of swimming technique. Last week coach told me to stop. Then he told me to pretend I was swimming in a box of one foot of water. It felt weird. I imagined myself as an animal with short tiny arms (think gecko). I kept my arms closer to my body - in my one foot box of water. I practiced this again today. As I started to fly off the back of the pack I went back to my one foot box of water in my mind. And even though I was off the back, I made every single set. It's the small victories!