Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ironman Canada Update

A huge thanks to everyone who cheered for my Dad this past weekend at Ironman Canada. He ended up setting a PR of 11:45, but having a rough second half of the day. 9th in his age group and unfortunately the Kona slot did not roll that far. This is not all bad - it just means there will be all the more Ironman races we can do together as he continues the quest to qualify!

After a 1:20 swim PR (No, Dad is not exactly the fastest swimmer out there - he is pretty sure I can swim faster than him because I was a lifeguard in high school while he had a "real" job when he was in high school. I think he also mentioned something about walking up hill in the snow both ways to school . . .) he set out on the bike feeling good. Some leg cramps at mile 75 forced him to stop six times. But he got trudged on was prepared to run a steady marathon.

He spent the first 13 miles of the marathon puking. I am amazed he ran a sub-4. So the PR was great, parts of the race were not, and my Dad is still fired up to go to Kona, so we're working on a revised plan.

My friends Allan and Kevin were also shooting for Kona slots. Allan had a rough day and still went 10:35 for 15th. Unfortunately, rolldown was not on his side either. Kevin went 10:09 - a PR for him that put him in 14th. He snagged the final rolldown slot in the M30-34 age group!

So the three musketeers are headed for Kona together!