Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Headed to Oregon

Tomorrow I fly to Portland. Saturday morning at 1:30am I will run my first of three legs in the Hood to Coast relay. I have wanted to do this race for over 10 years. Somehow it just never fit in the schedule, or I didn't know anyone on a team, blah, blah - it never happened.

This year I'm sure it was meant to be. In March I got an email from Kevin (whom I did not know) inquiring if I'd race on his Hood to Coast team. Not just any team - he was trying to build a winning mixed sub-masters team. My initial response was "YES I want to, but I can't!" I had been planning to race Ironman Canada. The only way it could happen was if I somehow got a Kona slot in April at California 70.3.

Getting the Kona slot ended up being more than exciting. Not only because I would race Kona again, but also because it opened the door for Hood to Coast.

You can view a live camera from the beach finish in Seaside here. Our team is called Slug Hunters should you wish to look up results. I'm hoping to post some random sleep-deprived blogs from my phone.

I am the anchor on our team - which means I have been given the honor of running the final leg #36 onto the beach around 3pm Saturday afternoon. Oh, and if it's a close race, it also means I need to run like the wind!!