Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carlsbad Triathlon

Steven and I switched roles today. He raced the Carlsbad Triathlon, I photographed, spectated and cheered. Last year Steven, the twin and older brother all raced their first triathlons together at Carlsbad. His goal this year was to beat last year's time.

My goal was to do an adequate job of capturing the day through images. I found the first hour to be rather relaxing. I could set up my shots, take my time, etc.

Steven made my job easier by making faces during body marking.

Success #1 came when I actually captured him exiting the water. From a LONG way away. I also got shots of about 50 other people who look exactly like Steven in a wetsuit, except they had mustaches, dark skin, and long hair . . . 

This is Steven re-entering transition. Notice the nice fog that rolled in for the run. I captured about 20 photos of Steven on the bike. I think this is the best one . . .

Out on the run - possibly my best shot of the day,
if you pretend bike cruiser man is not in the background.

And this is what you look like after you take 11 minutes off last year's time!! Congrats on a huge PR!