Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hanging On!

I realized lately I have been studying and trying to master the art of hanging on. When riding with my fast friends I am usually trying to grab a wheel and telling myself "Just hang on!" When running track there are many times I do not want to hang on to the fast pack, but I know its more fun to run with others than by myself, so I hang on some more. In the pool I have become especially talented at hanging on to feet.

My hope is that all the hanging on can make me faster. Sometimes I think I may lose a lung, a leg, or even both arms, but then amazingly I survive and whatever I was hanging on to ends. The moment passes and my lungs are usually still working (although they might hurt) and my legs are still attached.

So I've decided to try to keep hanging on!

This is an actual gnome I photographed in Switzerland a few years ago. He still makes me laugh. He's hanging on, still smiling!