Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simple Things

Last night after my run my legs were somewhat grumpy with me. They had been through the gamut of workouts the past few days and were on the verge of screaming at me to STOP! I finished my run on the beach, threw off the shoes and socks and jumped in - literally. It has been a while since I felt the sand squish between my toes and tasted salt water. I live by the beach, but often do not find time to get in the ocean. After ten minutes of letting the icy water take away any lingering aches in my legs I walked along the beach and up the long stairway to the cliffs above. I love how simple it was - just hopping into the crashing waves, getting sand in my shorts - and it made my day complete.

Tomorrow is bike to work day. It is pretty simple as well - instead of getting in your car in the morning, just get on your bike instead. Sure you might need to pack a bag of clothes to take with you, but I promise you it is fun. You will probably see things you never noticed before from your car!

Bike image courtesy of fellow cyclist and graphic artist Cody Gilbertson.