Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Long Ride

Fog by the coast led to hot, hot, hot inland.

The sound of my breath was the only noise other than a crow taunting me from a distance. Sweat slid down my chin, splattering on my bike computer, blurring the number on the screen. Although the steep hill, slow cadence and possible leg failure were providing more than enough information. My heart rate was really irrelevant at this point.

It seemed there was a head wind all day long. We changed directions, so did the wind. It was was somewhat humorous at first and as the hours ticked on, became irritating.

I am quite sure there is nothing better than our stop at the market where I always purchase coffee-in-a-can. Knowing I will stop for this drink motivates me to ride faster up multiple hills and try to keep my friend Allan in sight. Somehow the heat makes snapping that can open all the more refreshing.

I have probably said it before, but it is worth repeating. 

I really love how many places a bicycle can take me in a single day.