Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday I had three hard workouts. Today I have some more. This morning my legs quit working during my ride so I threw in the towel and rode to get some of this.

Instead of getting my coffee "to go" I sat down in a chair. Ten minutes of enjoying my dead legs being still, doing absolutely nothing. Sitting and watching people go about their day. I watched the guy across the street at Trader Joe's sweeping the entry. I watched the construction workers showing up to build their building. It was wonderful.

Last year I had a really hard time accepting that not all my workouts could be "great". I tend to set pretty high standards for myself and would continuously come home from a bad workout bewildered because my legs were not up for the workout on that particular day. This year I am learning to let it go - if the workout is not great, give it a rest, take a break and the next one will be better. Here's to progress!