Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diedrich Ride

The road bike is all sparkly clean thanks to my friend Mike. Steven and my Dad were planning a ride that involved coffee, so of course I was on board.

Diedrich coffee is my all-time favorite California coffee. A couple of years ago they shut down almost all the coffee houses, or turned them in Starbucks. I was beyond sad. Then last year I discovered a taco shop / cafe that serves Diedrich's. And even better - it is on a bike route!

The cafe is 30 miles from my home, and I hardly ever drive that direction, so stopping to get coffee beans is a bit out of the way. Thankfully my Fat Cyclist jersey has big pockets. 

If you look closely you can see Steven in the background texting like a 13-year-old-girl! If there were speed texting competitions he would take me down in a flash!

This was my view for most of the ride. 
Although it didn't look quite so blurry through my eyes.

"May gray" came back to Southern California this week. It will lead to "June gloom". I actually kind of enjoy it for the first month, but by June I usually get tired of the gloomy, foggy weather. Happy riding!