Monday, April 13, 2009

The Runbearable Lightness of Being

One thing I love about sport is the fun aspect. And the fun(ny) people involved in the sport. I am competitive and love a good race, but I do not ever want to get so serious that I forget to keep it fun.

In my book Brooks has always done an awesome job of keeping the fun in running. Check out their new Running Superfans site. It completely cracks me up - and admit it - you know someone with a little running shrine like this! Be sure to click on the book so you can see the top 10 running books. #5 makes me laugh.

The real live running superfans (Randy and Jason Sklar) will be at the Boston Marathon to add some laughs. If you are one of the lucky runners this year (go Maggs go!!) you might want to check them out.