Friday, March 20, 2009

The Lorax Is Mad

Last year two weeks before CA70.3 I managed to injure myself. Not really sure how I did this, because I do not remember anything hurting until I was hurt. I got piriformis, or sciatica - basically pain in the a$$. Literally. BIG PAIN. It hurts to walk pain.

So this year I have tried to train smart. If things start to hurt I back off. This week at track my hip started to hurt, which I have learned is my personal pre-cursor to sciatica, so I stopped. I had a fun weekend filled with riding and running planned. Today I promised my coach I would not run - to let my body heal.

How come sometimes when we train a lot all we wish we could do is sit down and do nothing. And then when we are forced to stop all we really want to do is swim or bike or run?And now this is how I feel. A little mad like the Lorax that people are killing his trees. If you have never read Dr. Seuss' Lorax book I highly recommend it. Maybe I will plant a tree for the Lorax this weekend instead of running!