Friday, February 20, 2009


This was the amount of motivation I had for training this morning. I hung on at masters - barely. I had taken a few hours off work this morning to get in some extra base miles. Nothing hard, just easy miles. And I had no desire whatsoever to do any of it. I convinced myself to get on the bicycle only after promising myself a mid-ride coffee shop visit.

The bike, coffee mug and I loped down the coast to get a latte. Amazing how caffeine can motivate! On the way I was passed by two 70+ year-olds on a tandem bike. I wish I had a picture of this. It was confirmation I was not overdoing my easy base miles.

The caffeine did nothing to motivate me for my run. I pulled out the trail shoes, knowing only a trail run would bring happiness at this point. And that it did. It is caterpillar season here. I spent the entire trail run hopping over little fuzzy caterpillars, making sure not to squish them. I'm pretty sure I reverted to five years old again, and went home happy.