Saturday, February 21, 2009

Solvang Time Trial

To get everyone even more excited (if possible) for tomorrow's Palomar climb in stage 8 of the Tour of California I have a few pictures from yesterday's time trial in Solvang.

Mr. Hincapie

Tom Boonen

Lance Armstrong sporting his sweet Livestrong aero bars.

A big thanks to my friend Jon - photographer extraordinaire!


Kim said...

Nice Pics! Those guys look tough (probably because they are!). Enjoy for all of us!!

Beth said...

Great pictures! I watched the TT on tv last night when I was on the trainer - it was making me dizzy watching them go up and down and around all those twisty roads!

ADC said...

It looks awesome. Have lots of fun tomorrow!!!

rocketpants said...

Great pics! I've been doing the mt. palomar vs end of race debate of where to watch. Guess I should decide soon! :-) Have fun tomorrow.

Bob Almighty said...

Hincapie is in Yellow? Last I checked it was still Levi?