Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life and Worms

Life isn't always fair. Herrad lives in the Netherlands. She has MS. I can't say I really understand what this is like, besides reading some of her blog posts. I can only imagine that it might completely suck at times.

I had a bike workout today that I was not exactly crazy about doing. I also had a choice as to whether or not I wanted to do it. I feel lucky to have this choice. I chose to go out and ride. I thought about Herrad as I was riding up some of the hills and it was interesting - I hit my heart rate zones and didn't really notice my legs hurting.

I forgot to bring my Shot Bloks for the ride. Thankfully, gummy worms work just as well. I recommend taking 2-3 after each hill repeat. Wash them down with water. Unfortunately, I did not bring quite enough to have 2-3 after each hill. At one point I dropped one and I'm proud to say that with limited worms in my pocket, I actually went back and got it, brushed it off, and ate it. I think it was within those "5 seconds."

If you have a free moment after your ride, run, swim, whatever-you-have-going-on today stop by Herrad's blog and leave an encouraging note. I'm sure she would appreciate it.