Saturday, January 10, 2009

3 and Adaptable

Tre, tres, drei . . . this was the number of workouts I had today. I've learned that on days like today I probably won't have three awesome workouts. Usually one of these will be sub-par. Or hurt. Or make me grumpy. But I've also learned it is during some of these workouts that I gain the most from my training. The body is amazingly adaptable. Give it a lot and it gets tired. But over time it becomes easy.

The run took place nice and early - beautiful moon-set and sun-rise. That was about all the beauty I found in my run today. The legs felt slow, the heart rate seemed off, and it just felt a bit BLAH. Not awful, but not great.  The cool part was I came home and checked out my Garmin and the speed was actually good. It just never felt good.

I think I once mentioned my clothes don't usually match while training . . .

Ate a snack and hopped on my bike to go to the pool for a swim. Although not real excited for the swim after the lack-luster run, I knew my friends would be at the pool and if nothing else it would be fun to see them. Amazing how a few friends can make a long workout seem short.

I convinced my Dad that doing hill repeats with me would be a great way to spend his afternoon. 
This workout is by far the hardest one I do all week. To say I like it would only be true when it is finished. I do believe it makes me stronger, therefore I keep doing it. This blue post is the "finish line."
And it really all does seem worth the effort in the end. This is the view on the way down the hill. Today it was 80 degrees, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about - it was a great day of all 3 sports!