Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cramming and Birthdays

I used to think the ability to cram as much as possible into the shortest amount of time was such a great thing! I am starting to think it's a bit of a curse. Yesterday was another marathon day. I thought the weekends were supposed to be relaxing! Don't get me wrong, it was all fun, and I chose to do all of it - there was no forced participation. 

The day started with a 6:30am bike start, 36 degrees. Thanks to Shannon, the Mikes and Marit for helping me keep my constantly-wanting-to-drop heart rate up where it should have been! The hours flew by, my heart rate cooperated and it was a simply beautiful way to begin the day. Rushed home, rushed to church, ran home from church (literally - it was the only way to fit my run in), rushed to a friend's open house, and then to a Brian's birthday party. Somewhere in that mess I forgot to eat lunch. Any of you who know me well, know this is a dangerous time to be around me. I am a very happy person as long as I am not (a) hungry (b) thirsty or (c) tired. Any of the above mentioned and just steer clear!

The party was great - Roo and Jesse learned to play poker and then subsequently lost all their poker chips.

For some reason we thought Allan was recovered enough from last weekend's bike crash to stick him smack in the front and center of our birthday party group photo. Actually, he's doing great and plays poker really well while on Vicodin!

Birthday boy front and center - not sure why I'm the only one with a birthday hat on . . .

Jesse's birthday is next week and I'm going to miss it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!

In lieu of a birthday cake we made a smiley face out of Kin'dra's home-made cookies and whipped cream, forgetting that when you tip the plate everything slides a bit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!!