Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yoga talk

I enjoy yoga. I think it is good for me and counter-balances all my running, swimming, biking - everything else I do all year to make my muscles too tight. I do not however, understand yoga. 

I do not get the chanting. Does anyone even understand what is being said? 

And the yoga talk . . . I do not get this either. Rather than saying "we're going to move into the downward dog pose" it is "vanyasana sheshashana, vilo-ibrasana." (For those of you who actually understand yoga talk, I apologize for butchering it so badly here).

What is even more amazing to me is that everyone except for me seems to understand what the yoga instructor is saying! Does this just happen over time? If I went to yoga more than a few times in the off-season would I begin to understand what was being said?

The below drawing I made is a perfect picture of me trying to balance in yoga last night. Yes, my head is green - I like green - plus it makes me look more flexible like gumby!