Monday, November 10, 2008

Off-Season kick-off party

I promised epic pictures from the off-season kick-off party. I hope these do not disappoint. BSK coach David thought his stomach was a bit sexier than Roo's. Sorry Mr. BSK - roo wins this one.

Fast Brian made an epic ice cream cake.

My husband the dentist - I am so proud!

Jeffrey really did well on this piece of cake, he conquered most of it.

Seriously - we rock.

We plan to start touring next year as long as our racing schedules don't conflict.

Can you tell which athlete isn't quite in the off-season yet?! Allan will be kicking butt at IM AZ in a few weeks. We take cheering just as serious as our training and racing, so he will be fully supported.


Maggs said...

That's gotta be torture for the poor guy doing IMAZ! haha!

The off season is my favorite season!

BreeWee said...

AWESOME! I want to have a kick off partay! ya ya!
Good on ya, now have some fun celebrating this season...

forgingahead said...

Looks like ya'll are having some serious fun! Love the idea of an off-season kick-off. Don't forget to post your concert tour schedule when it gets set up.

Roo said...

Umm- did you airbrush my abs to make them look flat? I LOVE you for that! Or maybe they just look flat next to BSK's! Thanks for the fun party!