Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bicycle Handling 101

This morning Fast Brian and I went for a ride. The weather was perfect: clear, dry air, nice waves to look at along the coast and a perfect breeze. I have no idea why I ever thought living somewhere else might be a good idea.

After riding along the coast for a while we ended up in a parking lot. Time for Charisa's first lesson in bike handling. First we practiced picking up water bottles while riding. I am remedial!! But I picked up this skill rather quickly. I found a dime on the ground, but learned picking up a dime while riding is much harder than picking up a water bottle. We practiced cornering as well. But my favorite was when we practiced leaning on each other while stopping, without unclipping and without falling over. It's a trust thing. And it's pretty cool.
Next lesson includes jumping over water bottles and ramming into each other with our front wheels while attempting to stay upright. Hopefully that post will also end with "Today was a big success - I didn't fall on the ground once!"