Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stuck in the middle of nowhere

So I'm stuck. Nowhere. I've gone from training crazy hours a week, to completing the big-dance race, to now just doing stuff for fun for a while. And I feel stuck. I actually miss all the crazy training, even though toward the end I was ready for more free time. But now when I go out to run or swim or do whatever fun activity has found its way into my schedule, about 10 minutes in I'm done. I want out. I don't want to do anything! I'd rather sit on the side of the pool and chat the whole time than jump in and do laps.

I think most people call this the off-season. It takes a little getting used to. I'm taking up new activities - yoga was on the schedule this past week. I am quite awful at yoga. But it was fun and apparently I'm not as inflexible as I thought. And ohhhhh, it makes you sore! Who thought stretching could make you so sore!? I better keep going!

I finally watched Ironman last night (not the race - the actual movie). I believe when it came out I was busy training. It was a fun movie. I need an ironman suit!!