Thursday, October 23, 2014

Climbing Mountains

It's off season - the time of year when I frantically do house projects that I never have time for because I'm working and training a lot. I also love off season adventures. So when Marit suggested a hike from Idyllwild to the peak of Mt. San Jacinto and back I jumped at the opportunity. I've done the Cactus to the Clouds hike (which is the other side of the mountain), so I thought it would be nice to conquer a different trail.

Perfect weather for hiking!
Jen, Marit and I set off from Idyllwild and the miles flew by as we chatted. It was a bit harder to breathe above 9000 ft, but nothing terrible. At one point we passed a man on the trail and he asked what we were training for. I told him "Life."

On top!
The peak was as beautiful as I remember - 360° views of desert, other peaks, pine trees, etc. It was quiet and peaceful and we sat on a rock and ate peanut butter pretzels, which may be the best hiking snack I have ever consumed.

Descending seemed much faster except for miles 14-16 where I was very over hiking. My legs got tired and I had a slight headache. I did my best not to ask Marit (who had our GPS) every 2 minutes "How much longer?!"

We arrived at the car, stopped hiking and instantly I had the world's worst headache and was certain I was going to puke all over Marit's lovely car. Jen followed suit with a splitting headache and nauseousness. Poor Marit became our babysitter! As we drove down the mountain I alternated between laughing about how funny it was that the two Ironman athletes were about to puke all over Marit's car and what a funny story this would be (and literally thinking I might just hang my head out the window like a dog the entire way home so as not to mess up her car!). Thankfully I never lost any cookies. As soon as we returned to sea level all was well with the world again.

Thanks girls for a great adventure I will remember for years!