Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Weymouth is a quaint, old town on the sea where I will race in Sunday's Challenge Weymouth. I love how old the buildings are. All of these photos were taken on the run course.

The really huge, old boat is my favorite.
Coffee #1 makes a fantastic flat white. And Welsh Cakes!

Alan is the Challenge Weymouth race director. He took me out for a swim yesterday and promised the water was warm and I didn't need a wetsuit for our short 30 minute jaunt. My advice: If you're from California the water is (not!) warm for 5 minutes (but it is bearable), then it's freezing and you will spend the next hour shivering! Alan is also used to cold water - he's attempted the English Channel crossing (open water swim rules won't allow use of a wetsuit!) and made it within four miles of France. He's attempting it again next summer. I think this is awesome. I will be cheering Alan from the warmth of my hooded sweatshirt on dry land!