Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walchsee Austria

When I race Internationally I really like setting up a 1/2 two weeks out from a full Ironman - better chance to pay for the trip, see more of the world, and set myself up for a great full distance race. I had never been to Austria before this week, and I've always wanted to race here. Enter Challenge Walchsee...

I think I fell into a storybook picturesque setting. The town is small, quaint and everything is beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I brought my Dad along for the Austria portion of my trip, as he assured me he is an expert at finding the best baked goods, and I just might need someone along to help me in this area. (We have had amazing apple strudel several times already.)

On the bike course.

More of the bike course.

Seriously - this makes you want to ride your bike, right?!?
Someone who is Austrian help me out here - what are the tall poles with ribbons hanging off them found in each town?

Three years ago I flew into Ireland and raced 3 days later. It worked then, so I am hoping for a great race tomorrow. If for some reason it doesn't go well, at least I have a ton of awesome Austrian scenery to look at all day!