Friday, February 14, 2014

Things You Can't Always See

Life can be hard. And humanity is beautiful.

A year ago on Valentines Day I was not happy. I was divorced. I was alone. And my life was not at all how I thought it would end up. The "day of love", was absolutely the last thing I wanted to endure - watching people give flowers, kiss, profess their love, etc. seemed like a harsh reminder that I had failed at this.

I stopped for coffee on my way to work and avoided looking at the love birds scattered around the cafe. There was an elderly man - probably at least 70 - in front of me in line. He ordered his coffee and scone and said "And I'd like to buy this beautiful young girl a fancy drink!" He could not see my heart and he had no idea if I was happy or sad. I thanked him several times and although I wanted to share with him just how much that small gesture had done to remind me that life is beautiful, I didn't at the time for fear of breaking down and crying in front of a bunch of people I did not know.

Fog rolling in off the ocean this afternoon on my way home from work.
I have learned life is not a straight line. Multiple times since this coffee shop Valentines experience I remind myself that I can't always see what is going on in someone's life. Whether you are with the love of your life, or single on this Valentine's Day, I hope you can see some beauty around you.