Monday, December 9, 2013

Accuroller Recovery

My new favorite post workout recovery tool is the Accuroller. One of the best features of this product is that there are many ways to rearrange the massage balls on the roller stick. The end of the stick unscrews and all six balls come off and can be replaced in a different order. (Math nerds can pretend it's a new version of an Abacus).

Here are just a few of the ways that I use the Accuroller...

 Stretching - hamstrings, calves, shoulders, etc.

The calf is best worked on while sitting in a chair.

For the IT band I use a combination of the Accuroller as well as my Barrel Roller.

Inside of the calf - if these get really tight, you get shin splints, which are no fun.

Shoulder blades.

Lower back.

Upper back.

A completely different massage if you rearrange the black and yellow balls.

 Tight hip flexors.

My all-time favorite calf work starts at the ankle and rolls up to the upper calf while seated. The two black balls need to be in the middle for this one. It hurts, but keeps those calves healthy!

The nice thing about being able to rearrange the order on the stick, is that you can also use the balls to massage the arch of your foot. I recommend doing this while standing, so you can apply more pressure. Tight arches can lead to plantar fasciitis (which is definitely not something any runner ever wants to deal with).

The black ball has ridges in it. A little tip I've learned - throw the stick (or a few of the balls) in the freezer before you head out to run. It feels great on fatigued muscles.

You can view a video of other great uses for the Accuroller here. I like to take mine to races since typically the few days before a race I have some extra time, but don't necessarily want to pay extra money for a massage.