Monday, April 29, 2013

PossAbilities Triathlon Race Report

I have raced the PossAbilities Triathlon three times now. It's a great event geared toward challenged athletes, and it's a perfect race for first time triathletes - especially since the swim takes place in a pool. The triathlon is raced in reverse order - 5k run, 11 mile bike, 250yd swim.

Jose, Karl and I before the start.

It's been a couple years since I raced a 5k. I went out a bit fast (does this ever NOT happen in a 5k?!), then settled in, determined not to let Olympian Julie Ertel open too large of a gap on me. (I've also lost this race multiple times to her, and figured if I had any shot of winning I had to minimize the damage on the run.) At the turn around I picked up the pace and was happy to finish the run in 17:55 - without a side stitch or massively imploding. Julie was into transition about :20 ahead of me.

 Laurel Wassner and I leaving transition.

Photo taken right after my not-so-awesome bike mount...
The bike is 3 loops with one hill on each lap. As in years past, I basically turned myself inside out on the bike trying to catch Julie. I brought the gap down to :10 at its lowest, but never fully caught her.

I ran out of transition chasing her and she ultimately jumped into the pool ten feet ahead of me. The swim is a zig zag across the pool under each lane line.

Every length of the swim she was one lane over from me. And that was how it would end. I finished 2nd to the speedy Olympian once again.

Jose also finished 2nd, and my Dad won his age group.

Someone asked me after the race "Don't you wish she just wouldn't show up one year so you could win?!" And my honest answer is NO, I don't. After 51 minutes of all-out chasing (and each year getting progressively closer to catching her!), I know I gave it my all and raced hard. This is what I show up on race day for. This is what makes racing exciting, and this is what I need in order to become a better athlete.

Seeing the number of challenged athletes, especially kids that participate in this event is inspiring and makes me happy I can be a part of a sport that provides opportunities like this.

I did not discover triathlon until after college and I love seeing kids in the sport.

Men's podium. And Charisa.

Next up is St. George 70.3 US Pro Championship on Saturday...

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