Thursday, March 28, 2013

Australia + Animals!

Coming all the way to Australia and going home without seeing a kangaroo or koala would have been a small tragedy.

A few days ago I got to see both in the wild - amazing.

We stopped just off the road and this little guy was no more than 5 feet above my head.

He slept like this for a while and I kept thinking he was going to roll right off the tiny branch.

His sleeping friend.

Claws! They have massive claws!

I'm not sure what this bird is, but I don't see them in parks at home.


So this is what I really wanted to see. Some guy told me "Oh yeah Mate - they are everywhere!" and in my head I thought "Yeah RIGHT you are just saying that."

Except he was right - you just have to look at sunset and in the right place. It is hard to see in this photo - but at the edge of the dark green tall grass there are dozens of kangaroos. I think I saw at least 100.

I tried really hard to get pictures of them hopping & boxing each other (both of which I saw and heard!) but I may have failed at capturing this.

Helloooooooo kangaroos!!

Seeing the kangaroos in the wild will be something I will remember always as a very special day.