Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last year when I raced Ironman Texas I felt it was early for a full Ironman race. For some reason I didn't think twice about signing up for Ironman Melbourne a good two months earlier this season. I figured I have some massive base from years of racing (or at least that's working for me mentally right now).

My coach came to visit for several weeks. He was escaping winter in Montana. We climbed Palomar on what may have quite possibly been the most beautiful, clear day I've ever been on the mountain.

It was cold - hence the pushups at the top, and Elliot stuffing his jersey with bubble wrap that the store kindly provided for descending. (It also has the added benefit that if a mishap occurs while descending you either bounce better or just make a lot of popping noises). We had some good non-training activities as well. My neighbors are still laughing at the white guy that was laying out in my front lawn working on his tan.

I have managed to string together multiple weeks of solid swim-bike-run without cracking, so I suppose I am headed in the right direction for kicking off the season right by jumping into the San Francisco bay.