Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last of London

These are the last of my London pictures. Tomorrow I'm headed to San Francisco to ride my bike down the coast in three days - 125 miles each day. Because you know, that sounds like a brilliant idea when you haven't ridden more than 75 miles at one time since your last Ironman...

Red bus!
Roasted Chestnuts
It does NOT lead to a velodrome.
Fun flower bench.
Blurry Big Ben.
I will try to capture some pictures as I survive the coast ride!


solarpowered said...

Every time I see your travel pics it gets me more excited about my summer trip!

Have fun on the ride!

Meg said...

Have an AWESOME bike ride! Hope the weather is perfect!

Joan X said...

Nice pictures :) luck in San Francisco and with these 125

Greetings from Barcelona (Spain)