Friday, December 14, 2012


I am currently rehabbing an old ankle injury from my college gymnastics days. Gymnastics may not be the healthiest sport on the planet - when I was 19 I sprained my ankle and two days later it was taped up and I was sent back out to tumble on it. Brilliant!! There was never any PT, healing, etc. It is no surprise that its weakness started to shine through after several years of Ironman racing.

I am on my fourth week of no running. Within two weeks all the pain disappeared (yay!), but I was left with a really tight ankle that, from what I could tell, had a ton of scar tissue in it. My rehab has involved ART, rest, ice, heat, stretching, and PT exercises with a band. I felt I had gotten it to 90% with all of this. But the scar tissue wasn't going away. Enter Graston.

These are the torture - I mean Graston - tools

Graston basically uses a number of different tools to really dig into the scar tissue and break it up, allowing the body to heal. These tools have been scraped all over my calves, ankle, and the arch of my foot. Yesterday I had some bruises on the front of my legs from this. My pain threshold is improving with each visit. But when I walk out the door - I have an ankle that functions properly again! If you live in the Carlsbad area and want to experience Graston for yourself, Brent Patterson was great.

Next week I start running again, which is awesome because I'm excited to be able to do quite a bit of running when I'm in Europe and the UK over the holidays!