Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If you live in the USA, tomorrow is our thank GOODNESS day, ie. Thanksgiving. I'm working on my IMAZ race report (mostly trying to find a fun pic of my Dad and I post race...) and will have that up later this week.

Thanks for the cool illustration W + K studio

In the meantime - this is my thankful list for 2012:
  • A great year of racing all over the world, with friends and my Dad.
  • A year where my Mom and I got to work on repairing what has been a rocky relationship for us over the years.
  • A job I truly love - actually two of them.
  • Bike rides that are probably more like therapy sessions - we ride, but I might gain more from just being able to talk or listen.
  • Laugh out loud funny movies.
  • Food. Really good food and special people to enjoy it with.
  • Community - I really enjoy the triathlon community - we may only see each other at races or communicate through Facebook, Twitter, etc. but it is a connection that I am thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving - I hope your day is filled with goodness.


Kiet said...

Big year, Big C, and all good stuff. My list looks very similar. I wanna bring Big Sexy racing down to SD for a training camp!

Steve said...

You are an honest and open person Charisa. Good update. :)

Happy T'Day to you.... oops. ugh. T- doesn't stand for Turkey in this case. Don't want you to misunderstand. ;)

Have a good one. :)


Good list to work on...

I landed in Phoenix at 5pm and was looking out the window of the plane for you. You must have been getting a massage by then because I didn't see you..

But I did see you Dad, though. I didn't get a pic though. I forgot my telescopic lens.. :)

JC said...

Super congrats on such an AMAZING year! LOVE the thankful list. Happy Thanksgiving weekend:)

Jason said...

Congrats to you on a great year and not just in triathlon. Coming back from wrecks, working on relationships, work in general......all good stuff.

Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself at IMAZ but from the looks of it you had a very good race.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.