Monday, September 10, 2012


Yesterday at Ironman Wisconsin I experienced racing at its finest. There were many moments I will never forget and I'll put together a race report later this week. First I'm off to my hometown of Chicago for a few days of fun!

Ali Engin takes AWESOME pics - check out his work at

For 14 miles Beth and I ran side by side, or drafted off the other. We dragged each other along and encouraged one another. At one point I was sure we might both implode, but I also knew if we could stick together we would definitely pull ourselves up higher on the podium and get some PR run splits (we did both).

Probably my favorite moment all day - thanks Jesse for running me home!

I realize I put in the work for 3rd place yesterday, but these people get me to the start line. THANK YOU to: Zoot, Profile Design, Cannondale,, Tribe Multisport, PowerBar, Extreme Enduracne and Rudy Project.