Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go With It

2007 was my first Big Island race. I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I had never taken a salt tablet in my life. And I was fairly certain I might die on the Queen K, even though I was not sure what exactly the Queen K was. I knew it would be a life experience I would never forget. So I went with it.

I did not die. Although I was definitely uncomfortable for much of the day.

Post-race bike retrieval wrapped in a Hawaii towel my Dad purchased because I could not stop shivering. I still use this towel all the time when I go to masters. And it makes me smile.

There are moments in life, training, [insert anything here] where I feel somewhat lost or out of place, but I can see that in the end the experience is what I am after. So I go with it. I trust that the end result will be worth it.

Training does not always end with feeling great or seeing awesome numbers. It is a lot of really hard work. It can be frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting and maddening all within a single hour. But I go with it. Keeping the big picture in mind helps, remembering what is important in life. If you have some setbacks or side steps along the way to your goal - keep in mind, it's all about the process. You got into sport for a reason. Stick with it when it gets hard. Enjoy and go with it.