Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago

Although I managed to superman myself off my bicycle while in Tobago, I still really enjoyed the experience of visiting a new part of the world. These are a few of the pictures I managed to capture with my mummy bandaged hands...

Lunch location the day after the race.
Pretty water.

Life saving palm.

As part of our journey home we took a ferry boat from Tobago to Trinidad, spent the night there, then flew out early the next morning. This is the view leaving Scarborough (Tobago).

Islands we passed through on the ferry.

Venezuela is beyond these islands.

Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The Port of Spain area of Trinidad is bustling and busy. In the center of town lies the world's largest round-about (about 2.5km around). Seeing the runners and soccer (football) players in the middle of what seemed to be a chaotic mix of cars, pedestrians and cyclists was a stark contrast and made the city seem much more inhabitable, at least for an athlete like myself.

Lining the round-about are seven old historic mansions. This one is for sale.

Looking out across roof after roof, from where we stayed in Trinidad.

Coconuts for sale on the round-about.

Moonlit mansion.