Friday, April 13, 2012

Ironman Training

So you want to sign up for your first Ironman? Do it. The experience is amazing. Whether you cross that finish line in nine hours or 16:59 - it is a moment you will remember for life and an accomplishment to be proud of.

Hot air balloon joyride courtesy of Parko Polo.
Do remember however - the joyride of training may not be all smiles and flowers. It will make you stronger, that is for sure. And it will test your limits to no end. These are a few things from my most recent Ironman training that - should you ever experience them yourself - might make you feel better (or smarter!) about your own training.
  • Always carry extra food on rides (Ian & Kevin - please note I realize my problem with this!)
  • The desire to lay down and take a nap in the gutter mid-ride may occasionally be completely normal. Embrace it. Or maybe just stop for coffee.
  • Your house is going to get messy. As OCD as you are about cleanliness - at some point you will not care anymore.
  • There will be days when you think your body is DONE, but in reality you will complete one of the hardest workouts to date. I can't even describe how awesome this is when it happens.
  • Mid-build a workout on paper can look massively intimidating. Try to only worry about what you are doing at this moment. Your workouts tomorrow do not yet matter and yesterday is history.
  • Laugh at yourself. Because seriously - we are all just a TAD crazy!!
This morning I literally think I was swimming backwards at masters. I had a big day yesterday. I have another big one tomorrow. Bring on Ironman Texas.