Thursday, April 19, 2012


There seem to have been quite a few hills in my training recently. With Wildflower fast approaching I suppose this is a good thing. I thought I would share a few of my hill workouts - in case anyone else is training for a tough course, or just wants to mix training up a bit.

This was my bike hill workout yesterday. Find a hill that is about 3-4% grade - you are not looking for something insanely steep, just a steady climb. Then do intervals of 6 minutes at Olympic distance effort. Take four minutes between to ride back down, drink a little and start over. I did 12 of them, but you could easily start with five. Try to stay seated (I am horrible at this).

The workout is a bit repetitive (read: boring), but it will make you strong...

This workout can be done on a hilly loop route, or you can do repeats up a single hill. I prefer a hilly route, as I tend to like change in scenery. Each time you get to a hill try to sprint up it as if you are at the end of an Olympic distance race. Run hard over the top (it's so tempting to slow down near the top) and recover on the flat or downhill. The rest of the run is just cruising along. Try to aim for a minimum of seven hills.

Happy hilly /\/\/\/\ training!


Steve said...

Outside the box one would think if it is boring it doesn't help.

Repetition is the Mother of all learning, but Van Gogh, and Einstein looked outside the box.

One thing of you, which I love is you are very creative. Open your own avenues. Try different stuff, whatever that is. I cannot help you with that, but you can help yourself, because if you are one thing you are creative, awesome, and innovative.

Okay, maybe that's 3. ;)

xoxo always. :)))

Snakebite said...

What is "Olympic distance?"

martin briars said...

i love this kind of repetitive training - the 'get your head down and do it' approach - it hurts but you feel so good at the end :)