Thursday, March 22, 2012


Since it is now spring, I planted a few things in the garden...

My new tomato plant. Which actually, is already gone. Some animal ate the entire plant in less than 24 hours. Booooooo!!!!

Gnome guarding my spinach, red-leaf lettuce, and broccoli. We will see if he can scare off the evil garden-eating animals...

And a pretty flower. Happy spring!


Steve said...

awesome!! :) I took some pictures around the yard 'specially for you. I knew you were going through a bit of a rough time for whatever reason, and I saw flowers in my yard, and thought it could cheer you up a bit. Now if I could just not be lazy and upload them. :)

Best wishes always Charisa. :)

The flowers I took pictures of were the best of the best... like you. :)

Take care. :)

Jason said...

haha! The gnome does more than ride bikes.....awesome.