Thursday, November 17, 2011

With Heart

I really love racing - probably apparent by the quantity of races I compete in each season. I tend to race with a whole lot of heart. I'd actually venture to say I race on a ton of hard work, a huge belief in my abilities, and a lot of heart. I am passionate about sport. This is not to say my sport defines me. No, there is a lot more to Charisa than triathlon. But when I jump into the water on race day, my heart is in for 110% - I'm going to put everything I possibly can into obtaining my goals.

Ironman racing is when all of the hard work and countless hours put into training comes down to a single day. One race. These are the things I look forward to on race day.
  • The national anthem.
  • The hurt. 
  • My friends and the things they will say to make me smile.
  • The final 10k - because it requires the most heart, at a point when the rest of my body wants to say no more.
  • The run. The bike. The swim. (In that order...ha!)
  • Racing against the best girls in the sport.
  • Racing against the clock.
  • The satisfaction at the end of the day that I gave it my all.
  • Knowing I raced with heart. A lot of heart.
To everyone racing Ironman Arizona on Sunday - have fun and enjoy the moment, it's your day. Race with heart.