Monday, November 28, 2011

Twists & Turns

Life has a strange way of taking detours and routes we might not have planned. I tend to think everything always happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes me years to figure out the reasons. But they are almost always there.

This Matte Stephens illustration made me laugh.

It's off season. I've been doing my best at nothing. It's been pretty awesome. Work is overwhelming me. I'm trying to be grateful I have a job and all that stuff...not sure I've been super successful with this in the past week though. There has been some thought to my 2012 race schedule. Every time I think I have it figured out, I turn around and twist the entire schedule backwards. It's actually kind of fun.



Hippos in the Hudson..
That's all I have to say...

Steve said...

I hear ya on the twists and turns. No doubt about that. So much of life is out of our control. I mean we can choose to be active, and not eat fast food, and stuff like that, but health of ourselves is much out of our control, and friends and family, etc... Also some days I feel we got the juice of life all bottled up, and sometimes the mojo is missing. :) At least in my case, so I assume everyones. :)

Jason said...

While you are figuring out your schedule for 2012 may I invite you to a party with 2500 other people and myself at The Woodlands in May (Ironman Texas) and in Tempe in November (Ironman Arizona)

If those don't work and you want to visit the Caribbean in March then 70.3 Puerto Rico would be a great way to get the season started OR maybe a Rev3 race in August in Maine? OOB in its inaugural year would be fun.

Just some ideas for you to contemplate.

Looking forward to a successful 2012 season for the Gnome and of course you too!

GoBigGreen said...

Come play with me and CY in the hills of Wisconsin!! Come on, you know you want to!