Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome Home your home away from home that is. Racing a lot involves traveling and trying to make a home-base away from home. This is made so much easier by the endless number of people who open up their homes to me throughout the year.

Almost every race I travel to I stay with a homestay - a family in the community who is willing to host an athlete. I can only imagine this must be a little bit strange for the host - especially as I arrive with my bike, shlepping loads of triathlon gear into the house with me.

I never expect more than a bed and a shower. And every time I am presented with so much more: wonderful home cooked meals, good company, being driven to swim starts, shown riding routes, etc. I love the local insight I get into the community. It's so much more personal than staying in a hotel, not to mention a huge financial help.

Occasionally I even win over man's best friend.

A HUGE thank you to those who have not only opened your homes to me this season, but also shared so much more. I am grateful for your hospitality and friendship.
  • Bert & Kathleen - your local pasta shop is my favorite. Your coffee is unmatched.
  • Stan & Alana - we tend to invade your house with bikes, run shoes, etc. and then I disappear half the weekend to train, but you always have no problem with this. Thank you for not thinking your sister-in-law is insane!
  • Mom Wernick & Aunt Janine - it may have been a home-away-from-home, but I laughed more on our trip to NOLA than any other.
  • Brian and Teidji - your Friday morning breakfast tradition is awesome.
  • Kiet - thank you for showing us Oakland - Brown Butter Betty's, the ghetto, and the awesome Uplands.
  • Sarah - your parents house is so cozy and welcoming. I love it.
  • Aaron and Marielle - catching up in NYC, Quartino, it was all great.
  • Janie - you are my 2nd mom and my 2nd home. Thank you for always providing a home to come home to in Chicago. (& Al too!)
  • Joan - thank you for taking me swimming, fetching me from the airport, feeding me, etc.
  • Grandma - I am so proud to have a 97 year old grandma who not only hosts me, but cooks amazing food from her garden, invites all my cousins over and comes to cheer at my race. I can only hope that some day I have lived as full a life as you have.
  • Mom - Ireland was so fun and you made my race prep so much easier by helping me find pools, riding routes, etc.
  • Angelina & Shaun - Welsh cakes!!!!! :0) I had such a fun time in Wales & the UK thanks to both of you. Looking forward to many more racing experiences where ADC can yell "EAT $hit!" at me while racing.
  • Phil & Lin - We loved seeing Henley and your hospitality was like no other - from Lin's amazing home cooked vegetarian meals, to Phil out on the course in the pouring rain giving me time splits. You made the entire race prep and race day so enjoyable and easy.
  • Karleen & Rich - Awesome open water swimming, amazing gourmet food and such fun hanging out. Thank you for sharing your home.