Friday, October 7, 2011

Bike Commuting Lessons

A few lessons I've learned over the past few years bike commuting...
  • Attempting to learn a track stand at red lights does not always = staying upright.
  • Forgetting to pack underwear for work is only a small tragedy if I also have no swimsuit at work.
  • I really do not wish to race you on my commute.
  • Gloves are required post-am-swim bike commute in the winter. Forgetting them = two cups of coffee/tea once at work.
  • There is a reason the macbook air was invented.
  • Thanks to my single speed, I can tell you with 98% accuracy the grade of all hills within a ten mile radius of my house. 
  • I can also tell you how to avoid these hills if desired.
  • Coffee cup holders for bikes and/or baskets are genius. I need one.
 Ride safe!