Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been to London several times. Which is nice because I did not feel like we needed to rush all over the city to see every single famous standing structure while we were there.

Instead, Steven and I spent the day wandering from one cafe to another pub. It was the perfect recovery day after racing. 

I think we sat down and ate something about every hour. Which was good, because we actually did cover a lot of distance walking. And I got to eat every hour - which if you ask Steven, is very very important in order to keep me from getting grumpy the day after I race.

Just a moat. Can you imagine living somewhere with a moat?!! Your friends come to visit and you have to say "hold on, I must lower the drawbridge for you...."

No idea what this says, but it looks cool.

I forget the name of this market, but it's where they filmed Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

At some point during our walking tour of London my legs got grumpy. May have been that ironman I did a few days ago. I think Steven got tired of me asking him to carry me, so we found these awesome bikes that you can rent. I don't know why other cities don't do this - you can rent them for a day for only one pound, and there are places all over the city to return them. We would ride to a new area of the city, ditch the bikes, then grab them again and go check out another area.

Being tourists.

We accidentally stumbled upon this area (most likely as we were searching for the next place to find something for me to eat...) and it was awesome. Little narrow side streets that wound around, and this old structure is all that remains - there used to be a prison right here. I love how old London is.

My favorite part of the day (other than the million cafes we got to visit and sit at along the Thames) was riding our bikes back home during rush hour. I've never seen a city with more bike and run commuters in it. There were hundreds of cyclists rushing home and tons of people running with backpacks on. At several points when we were riding I was in a peloton (on my beach cruiser) as commuters swished past. I think more cities in the US need to jump on board with run and bike commuting. London has got it figured out!