Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zoot Compression Socks Give Away

Almost race time again, so I figured it's also Zoot schwag give away time. I will be racing Wildflower this weekend, while my Dad races St. Croix 70.3 in hopes of snagging a Kona slot.

You are competing for these - legs & clouds not included.

There will be three chances to win. Simply guess the time gap between each leg of our triathlon.
  1. Swim (Example: I swim 29:30 and Dad swims 39:31 - the gap is 10:01)
  2. Bike
  3. Run
I will give you a few helpful hints - my Dad is not a good swimmer. At all.  He is also competing in a non-wetsuit race. He ran a 1:27 open half marathon last year.

Please include minutes and seconds in each guess. If you care to Athlinks-stalk my Dad, his name is Ken Bauer and he is in the 60-64 age group. Contest ends when my race starts. Good luck!!


Beth said...

You come up with the best contests!! :) I won't hazard a guess this time because I've already been a winner but wanted to wish both you and your dad the best of races and loads of fun! :) (and dang, I see where you get your speedy runs from! :)

Christina said...

I guess: swim 12:12, bike 5:00, run 7:00. Good luck at the race!

Running and living said...

Good luck to both:
Swim: 10 min
Bike: 5:01 min
Run: 15 min

John said...

Good Luck at the race'
Swim 9:58
bike 7:32
run 16:06

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Good luck to both!
Swim: 12:12 min
Bike: 4:44 min
Run: 16:16 min
I like even numbers :-)

Lauren said...

good luck to you and your dad! I hope I am still racing at 60!

Swim: 12:04
Bike: 27:46
Run: 32:04

Kjerstin said...

Swim 13:09
Bike 09:13
Run 19:03

Meg said...

GOOD luck to you and YOUR DAD!! I wish I could cheer you on this weekend!!
Swim: 11:20 min.
Bike: 6:20
Run: 23:20

Have FUN!

Alison said...

I'm going to take a blind guess... mainly because I'd love to win the socks, but if you could arrange for the legs too that would help me out a lot! So here's my total guess:

swim: 10:27
bike: 29:12
run: 17:45

Cheers to both of you and have great races!

Hunter Robinson said...

forget the socks, I want to compete for the legs and the clouds. What do I have to do to win those??

Hunter Robinson said...

but I'm going to say

mtanner said...



Dont give a contest like this to an engineer....
Based on IM distance.... I would say:
Swim: 31min. 17sec
Bike: 1hr 14min 47sec
Run: 1hr 53min 34sec

(or at least that was Cozumel!)


Of course if we are talking 70.3

Swim: 11min 50sec
Bike: 9min 23 sec
Run: 25min 56sec

But I am just guessing....

JenniferLeah said...

Best wishes to both you and your Dad this weekend! :D

wild guess are as follows:
swim: 9:19
bike: 17:19
run: 19:19

going with my 19's again!!

Have a great time


Teach me to enter a contest before my morning coffee. I started thinking, "no way she means past events" You meant this weekend.

Let's try again:

Swim: 13min 30 sec
Bike: 42min 10 sec
Run: 39min

(sorry Dad, your race is a little tougher)

Kim said...

Wow! How fun! Best of luck to both of you this weekend! I'll be cheering and following! Have so much fun!! Ok.. guesses:

Swim: 12:35
Bike: 18:40
Run: 8:20

Those are my guesses! I have no clue! Great contest!! Oh and I talked to Marit last night for about an hour and we discussed just how awesome you are for a minute. Thanks for being such a great person, athlete and friend! I appreciate it!!

brian said...

Swim: 14:30
Bike: 22:00
Run: 9:00

emilie said...

OOO, nothing like a contest to get me to comment. I'm guessing:

Swim: 11:06
Bike: 21:06
Run: 26:06

there goes nothing!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I so need some compression and dont have money for it

Swim 13:11
Bike 19.27
Run 7:56

Thanks for the contest

solarpowered said...

I won't try for the contest, because I already have a super-sweet pair of Zoot Kona compression socks ;)

But lots of luck to you AND your dad this weekend!

Kristin Schleicher said...

ooh, this is tough!

S: 10:45
B: 7:11 (key consideration: WF bike degree of difficulty)
R: 19:38 (key consideration: potentially humid weather in St. Croix)

Kim said...

great contest and good luck to both of you!

swim: 9:30
bike: 12:00
run: 23:00

Matt Gilmore said...

Swim: 10:20
Bike: 18:00
Run: 15:00

Pton98 said...

Swim: 10:29 (30:30-41:59)
Bike: 13:06 (2:47:00-3:00:06)
Run: 29:10 (1:30:49-1:59:59)

Joey said...

Swim: 11:59
Bike: 20:59
Run: 23:59